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We Offer the Full Range of Video Services


Pre-production meetings with our client are very important  in terms of learning about their business, message, and primary objective for the video. We learn about their mission, history, context, and target audience for the video.

During the pre-production phase we conceptualize the project, discuss style, develop / write the script, schedule interviewees, cast on-camera talent, VO talent, plan logistics, and assign crew and resources necessary to shoot the  video. 


In the production phase, we shoot video on location or in a studio, record VO, and gather raw materials necessary to produce the video. We shoot hi-def video in accordance with the highest industry standards, and we're equipped to handle any shooting contingency, whether it requires crane, dolly, tracks, jib, POV cameras, high-hat, tripod, or drone. We mic our subjects with high quality lav mics, booms, pzm, or whatever is necessary. Lighting requirements are also assessed and satisfied before shooting.  We also record or license music to be used for the soundtrack,  and we log and load all captured footage.


In the post-production phase we edit all primary media as well as b-roll. We perform sound editing, mixing, transitions, titles, lower-thirds, color correction, and edit sound effects. We also develop a style frame and sample graphics.

Then we edit the sequence, build vector graphics, motion graphics, opening and closing animation sequences, interstitial graphics, lower-thirds, sound design, mix, color correct. During this phase we provide incremental progress-links, collect client feedback, and revise accordingly. In the final delivery phase, we output the project in any format, resolution, and compression codec the client requires.